Conference 2015: 27th June. East Berkshire College, Langley campus.
Station Road, Langley, Berkshire SL3 8BY

Conference 2015 took place at the spacious new Langley campus, set in the beautiful Berkshire countryside. John Milton (1608–74) is said to have lived here for a time so the area may have been inspiration for his poetry. No time to sightsee however, because adept conference 2015 was well able to keep delegates' attention, with two solid keynotes and a number of mouthwatering workshops. It was a cracking event to network.

Workshop details:

Voice over: Interpreting from BSL into English: Jill Henshaw and Andy Owen

This double workshop, partly theoretical, partly practical, challenged some of the pre-conceived ideas about what you should and should not do when interpreting from BSL into English. The workshop provided a theoretical underpinning and then a pressure-free, practical session during which delegates started putting the theories into useful practice.

Ethical Dilemmas: I’m just the CSW…. Sarah Vann Brooke

Being a CSW is not just about ensuring that the deaf learner can access information in class. There is a lot more that a CSW may do, or is assumed to do. This can cause all sorts of quandary. This workshop was a chance to sound out some of those dilemmas and have an opportunity to gain some skills to help delegates deal with these predicaments in the future.

De-Mystifying funding for deaf learners Nicki Harris and Pam Richardson

Sifting through the ever-changing myriad of rules and regulations regarding funding, can be nightmare for anyone in deaf education. CSWs can often be kept at a distance where funding is concerned. This interactive workshop removed some of the the mystique surrounding funding and enabled questions/ concerns to be raised and discussed openly.

BSL Poetry Richard Carter

Richard demonstrated some of his breathtaking BSL poetry and talked about his experiences of performing at a variety of events. This workshop surprised and moved delegates, and was very popular.

Working with deafened and/ or hard of hearing learners: including latest technology Tina Lannin and Suzie Jones

Speaking from personal experiences, Tina and Suzie guided delegates through a range of tactics to use when working with deafened and/or hard of hearing learners. Delegates were introduced to the latest technology available to assist communication, including a demonstration of Google Glass.