As a national association, our aspiration is to provide a multi-faceted platform empowering professionals and trainees to excel in promoting excellence within D/deaf education.

The Aims of Adept

  1. To promote good practice and quality support services for D/deaf learners.
  2. To convene an annual conference for professionals and trainees working in D/deaf education.
  3. To represent the interest and views of professionals and trainees working with D/deaf learners.
  4. To encourage and provide training, resources, networking opportunities, advice and guidance for professionals and trainees working with deaf learners.
  5. To monitor developments/ attitudes, and liaise with other professional associations and governmental bodies, lobby regarding legislation, policies and procedures, promote equality for D/deaf learners.
  6. To encourage good practice by producing publications, such as appropriate assessment procedures, support provision, policy updates and highlighting current topics of concern.
  7. To encourage research and other initiatives linked to deaf education and support.
  8. To develop and maintain a register of qualified professionals and trainees.
  9. To provide fora for discussion of issues relating to deaf education.
  10. Doing all such other things as deemed necessary for the furtherance of the above aims.
28 June 2014